Who likes or dislikes the Epic store?

https://media.allure.com/photos/5b2166a936840d3453a30114/1:1/w_800%2Cc_limit/Slide%25204.jpg Epic is giving away a free game every week for the rest of the year. I shit you not. I've been playing Enter the Gungeon the past few days and it lives up to the hype. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/enter-the-gungeon/home I think most normal people see the Epic Launcher as just another launcher. "Great, I have to download another thing to play games. Oh well, not a big deal, it only takes 5 minutes to download and register an account anyway." That's really the only thing that you have to do. Then developers will receive more money for each sale than they would have on Steam. Epic charges developers 60% less than Steam does. Which lets developers port less popular and more obscure games to PC. Epic also doesn't charge a premium to developers who use Unreal Engine when the game is sold on their launcher. So developers don't have to pay to get access to a really amazing engine. Epic dramatically cuts overhead for developers which allows devs to hire a bigger team. It gives investors more security in taking risks on new IPs or niche genres. And all you have to do is take 5 minutes to download a launcher and register an account. Up until recently, I've always felt the biggest fraudulent circle jerk in gaming was the love some people have for Shenmue and Dreamcast. Shenmue sucked, it was the first walking simulator and Dreamcast had middling games. Now the Epic hate-train has supplanted Shenmue as the most irrational circle jerk in gaming. Are these people for real? There are some BS excuses for hating Epic launcher like there's no cart, no steam trading cards, and no friendlist. Who cares? No one bitches about that stuff on the GoG launcher, or Origin, or uPlay. Everyone uses Discord anyway for their friendlist. Epic paid some developers for exclusivity on their launcher. I can't imagine why anyone would have a visceral emotional reaction to this. Maybe it's just Gen Z or i Gen depression. A need to lash out on someone or something because they see people on social media with better lives than they have. A developer took a deal to make more money on their product and now you as a consumer have to take 5 minutes to download a new client. One huge company won't be making money off the sale of a game whereas another one will. It makes me wonder if the Epic hate-train isn't just a viral marketing campaign brought about by Valve. Valve has something to lose here whereas the consumer has nothing to lose. Oh, and make sure to keep your skin moisturized and apply sunblock.
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