Short Off-Meta Story that the Nightblue situation reminded me of...

A while ago I was in a ranked game, and after I locked in Twitch, the Support player said something along the lines of: _"Hey Twitch, I'm duo with Top. Play safe and trust us"_ So I got myself TP, some sustain runes, and since Twitch rushes BorK, I just decided I'd try to freeze the wave as best as I could, sustain and TP back to lane and just let the duo do their thing. I'm pretty sure they went something like Gragas+Morde, Gragas+Malph or Gragas+Something. We were on Blue Side and nobody really seemed upset with anybody and as the game started, I think I was against Thresh+Sivir _(maybe)_. Not sure about ADC but I do remember Thresh well. About 3 mins in, Gragas and friend get FB in Top, and not long after, the enemy Jungler was trying to help his Top, but farm his Red Jungle at the same time. Because of this, my friendly Jungler started invading his Blue side and camping Mid. I was just farming under tower and if I ever was poked too hard, I'd just TP back _(must have been once or twice max)_ and once I had Vamp Scepter, farming under the tower became really easy. Also, because our Mid was being camped, they also got a lead. Soon after, because of the Mid/Top advantages we were also able to secure Herald, which let Top push I think two towers. Bot finally responds Top so I just take their tower after a recall. After we won and the game was over, got two honors from the Top Duo and a _"Thank you :)"_ or something like that. I've been reading around that the Teemo player from the Nightblue story is actually a bit of a jerk, but don't think he's actually trolling, and I think the distinction should be made. Off-Meta strats can work, and the better attitude you have towards them, the better the game will go. That said, you shouldn't behave like an ass if your team doubts your strange strat. Like I commented in one of the many posts about the situation, I think the Teeto and Nightblue kinda deserve each other. I think both could have handled the situation better.
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