PLEASE someone anyone from riot help me.

EDIT: After 10 days of not getting assistance. Or being treated like I wasn't human I'm giving up. Rest in peace my account. Taken far to soon, and for the dumbest of reasons. TL;DR: I thought my account was stolen. Got it locked. Found out it wasn't, I just mistyped the password. Now they won't unlock it even though I have the email and password. My account is being held hostage by riot support. Let me give you a little background first. 2-3 days ago I woke up after working a 50 hour work week and getting up at 5am to take care of my 1 year old daughter. Finally I had a day off and decided to get on this account. Yes this one that I'm logged into right now. I've been the sole owner of this account at least 6 years. I made this account. I leveled this account from level 1 to 30. I have other accounts and play on this account every few months. I've been playing a really long time you see and I have accumulated quite a few accounts, while having none of my accounts banned. So anyways back to the story. I decided to play on this account. And I messed up the password. And I thought well thats strange. And I tried several times and then I figured oh no someone stole my account. So I tried to figure out what email I had this account under. And I couldn't figure it out. So I wrote support off of another email and asked them to help me get my account back. They just hit me with the generic fill this out and if you answer everything correct we'll help you. Anyways they came back and said I was denied. Okay. Thats fine. I guess. Anyways a day passes and I remember my password. It turns out the password I was trying to put in was off by 1 digit. I know its not good but all of my passwords use two numbers in them. But this account only uses one number digit. I had completely forgotten. So wala I log into the account with the correct password and bam I'm hit with the this account is locked due to suspicious activity. No biggy I think to myself. I have access to the correct password now and after logging into the boards I seen the first 3 letters to the email associated to this account. I remember my email from those first 3 digits and tada! I have access to the email associated with this account as well. So now I have the password and email connected to my account. So lets try this again I think. I message support and they hit me with the generic fill this form out if you get everything correct we'll maybe help you. Nope denied again. I mean I made the account 6-8 years ago. I have half a dozen accounts. All that I leveled alone and created myself. I put hundreds of hours into all of these accounts. So now I'm being denied entry into my account. When I have the password, email, and I have to assume correct IP address. The only reason my accounts is locked at all is because I made a support request to help me get my password back. This is turning out to be a huge mistake on my part. I don't understand how if I'm the reason the account got locked, and then with that same account I say everything is all good now let me back into my account they keep me locked out? Support doesn't read anything either. They just say no you're denied move along. Like hell I'm just going to accept my account is just lost into the void because I made a single digit mistake when typing my password in. What I don't understand is even if I say all the incorrect account creation info stuff. So long as I have the email, password, and general knowledge of the account why am I being denied entry? It's beyond frustrating. I just want to talk to a human who isn't reading from a script and understands that 6-8 years is a long time to remember what my first 5 champions were, or what exact date it was I made the account. EDIT: He replied with another generic response. He thinks I did something wrong. Even though I am the reason the account was closed. I don't know what I have to do to convince these people that this is my account. I'm litterally conversing with this guy through the email this account is linked to. EDIT 2: Here is the full discussion basically with riot support. The first one was before I had access and I was typing to them through gmail. The 2nd one is through the email linked to this account on yahoo. Both emails are exactly the same name actually which makes me feel silly. The only difference is one is yahoo and the other is gmail. EDIT 3: So another guy came to reiterate what the other guy said. I've broken terms of use in some way. They refuse to tell me anything though. And when I go to log into the account it doesn't say I'm banned just that the account is locked. I'm so confused. Am I perma banned? With no explanation why? I've been the sole player on this account for at least 6 years. I've never used 3rd party software. I've never cheated. I mean why not tell me why my account is being stolen from me? If I haven't cheated, or botted then there is no reason to keep it a secret right? I just don't understand. I mean the last 2 games in the match history played months ago are friends of mine I know in real life. They can vouch for me. One of them is who got me into the game in beta.
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