Kai'Sa was released a year ago. And she now has as many skins as Kha'Zix, who was released in 2012.

And i know someone will try to argue that "Riot making skins for popular champions is what keeps the game free..." So just because the game is free to play, Riot is allowed to completely ignore the existance of some of their own creations? {{champion:163}} and {{champion:429}} are sitting with ONE purchasable skin at all times, with the other skins being avalible only during big LCS events. {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:38}} haven't recieved a new skin in 5 years. 5! FREAKING! YEARS! All 3 of them would have been perfect for both the Dark Star theme and the Arcade theme, and while i'm not overly upset with the Dark Star champion choices (Shaco and Karma needed new skins), the Arcade champion choices is a DISASTER! Yasuo DOES NOT fit the theme in the slightest! When i think of Battle Boss, i think of someone big, mighty, physically strong. with a presence that commands fear and respect. Great champions for the theme would have been {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:31}}{{champion:3}} {{champion:30}} }{{champion:50}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:143}} as well as {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:38}}. Yasuo is not any of this. He is just a generic man with a blade, and he definitely does not feel like a "Battle Boss". I assume that if Riven did not have an Arcade skin already she would have taken his place. Kai'Sa? She recieved K/DA and IG skins not too long ago, along with a yellow overpriced version of the K/DA skin. All of her skin were successful. So it's not like Riot could say "This one flopped, let's make a new one." Does Kai'Sa fit the Arcade theme? Maybe. But she would also fit the Star Guardian, Pool Party and PROJECT themes, but that DOES NOT mean that Riot should dump all those skins on us at once. The idea of Arcade Kai'Sa was cute, but it should have been postponed for next year. But, the sad truth is, the favouritism has been there for a long time. Riven recieves 1350RP skins every year, Yasuo has gone only one year without a new skin, in 2015. Calling it now... One of the upcoming Pool party skins will go to {{champion:103}}. Threeo of the PROJECT skins will go to {{champion:64}} {{champion:39}} and {{champion:21}}. And two of the Star Guardian skins will go to {{champion:1}} and {{champion:142}}. Riot is just becoming too predictable at this pont. And it's not like we can cross out fingers and hope hat Riot will produce Star Guardin/Pool Party skins for Xerath and Vel'Koz. because that would just be Dunkmaster Ivern levels of wrong. What Riot needs to do is compile a list of champions who NEED skins, and a timeline of the skins that were made so far for each champion. {{champion:432}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} These are the champions that NEED new skins! These are the champions Riot has been neglecting when it comes to cosmetics. Not every one is urgent, but, as stated above, there are champions on this lists who have gone 5 years without a new skin. So, Riot, stop kissing the behinds of the majority and prove that you care about your entire playerbase!
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