New Ashe Voice-lines Make her a Race-Supremacist lol

Voice - Ashe [SUBBED] - English
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So she's a member of a race of blond haired/blue eyed superior people, though some have brown hair, these people also have a slave-class who they use in their camps for manual labor, as seen in the comics. Only the Iceborn can lead, according to her new voicelines she wants to unite them to exterminate the trolls, and then she will strike the southerners who she calls "Warm-Bloods" and "Svaag". She is also portrayed as one of the more heroic characters in Runeterra. Is Ashe The leader of Runeterra's version the German National Socialists party? Is this a hilarious mistake by Riot, either way, this is super funny. Let me know what you guys think of the new voice-lines and lore XD.
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