broken champions in league of legends tilt me so much

like wtf, i can only ban one of those broken mother fkers if i dont ban senna, the champion will auto win lane 90% of the time and her instant global ult is so stupidly broken. Like soraka has a global ult because she is a support, and she doesn't have that much damage. pyke only has damage, even with his gold reset R. But senna has everything, mobility and safety in e, a global damage healing ult that is instant, and good laning phase. look at most adc globals, they all have a cast time, and they don't have nearly as much power as senna ult. if i ban senna, i will see something like ornn top lane, which is getting buffed EVEN MORE with the new sunfire cape next patch. On the side of a losing team, to try and come back against a team getting more and more dragons to soul and watching them stack ornn items, probrably the most depressing shit i've had to play through, and it breaks my mind in that such champions like ornn can win lane for free against almost everything except darius and morde and get 2 broken items for free and give his whole team upgrades. also this pretty boy aphelios, so much fucking damage, but at least he isn't as broken as senna because he only has damage, and not everything else like senna does. please keep your new champions in line riot.
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