Its fine Guys, season 10 Will be better

Its fine guys Season 10 Will be better, i mean Why wouldnt it ? Toplane is more useless then ever, jungl is ruined, Midlane was best role for last 9 years and it got buffed this season, Adc now has slow core item now and there rest of there item got buffed, Supp role is more broken then ever With there picks {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:412}} Can 1 v1 u While taking now dmg But on bright side we get new effects on map and made dragons most overpower thing ever, Bruiser still useless, mages still best at everything and Adc still crying Doesnt matter how op they are, But guys teamfight still last 3 seconde ... We all need to appreciate and thank riot games for there insane 200 years of experience That created this amazing gameplay of season 10, It will be better
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