Ranked MMR - Why don't we play games with people of the same rank?

Disclaimer: I am not great at League. I know I'm Silver V, and, yes, I know that sucks. I mostly play norms and just have fun. Most of this is an honest question, not a flame on Riot or people who play ranked more seriously. Why is it that when we play ranked games that matchmaking doesn't place us with other players of the same rank? I realize it's not likely that every Bronze II player would ONLY play games with other Bronze II players, but it seems to me that most games for that player should be primarily with Bronze II players and a smattering of players from one or two levels in either direction. But as far as I can see, that isn't how MMR works. Instead, it decides how well you are playing based on a variety of factors and places you in games with players of that skill level. That's reasonable for norms; I don't play many ranked games and last season I didn't play hardly any ranked games after my placements -- Bronze II I think -- but my skill level is probably mid-Silver (aka very low skill!) and in most of the normal games I play, I play alongside high silver and low gold players and hold my own. Being matched in norms with other Bronze players wouldn't be fair to them, and I get that. For norms. But ranked is different, I think. We are all trying to improve our rank, and we should be given every opportunity to achieve the rank that we deserve based on our abilities. This past season I was initially placed in Bronze III and didn't play much ranked until a few months before the end of the season hoping to make it up to Silver since most of the norms I play are with Silver players. In most of my games as a Bronze III player, I was placed with all Silver III-V level players. How is it fair that in order to make it out of Bronze III I have to beat Silver III players? Shouldn't I just have to prove that I can beat other Bronze III players? When I won games, I was getting 30+ LP. Losses resulted in 12-13 point deductions. When I won my Bronze III promos, I was promoted to Bronze I without going to Bronze II. The system clearly wanted me to get promoted, and that's cool, but I just don't understand why players have to defeat players well above their rank in order to move up. It seems designed to make it harder to escape ELO-hell. So is there a reason for this? Am I missing something? I just saw an article demonstrating that the new ranked system is a bit broken as Dardoch played a smurf account, won all of his provisional matches and got placed in Bronze. That's bad enough, but then he was playing games matched against Diamond level players as a Bronze. Of course he should have been placed higher in the first place, but if someone is placed that low, how is it fair to make them win their way to higher levels playing players well above their rank? Sorry, for the extended rant. :)
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