one of the most disappointing skins of 2018

bloodmoon evelynn is by far the most disappointing skin of the year for me, the amount of potential and how it wastes the perfectly fitting bloodmoon theme on eve just ruins this skin for not just me but evelynn mains even who mostly agree on this being her worst skin with even her base skin just being better than it. in a time where most skins released are 1350 skins they already made the mistake of eve still not having a 1350 skin despite being out since 2009 being a pretty popular pick after her rework this being evelynns first 950 with thankfully K/DA coming in to give evelynn her much needed 1350 (amazing skin btw) but the real problem i have with this skin is its reception on reveal, not only did it not look like it even fit the bloodmoon theme well but it was just generally so disappointing after that long wait for an eve skin that it dragged the skin down hard, many people came out and just said they needed to go back to the drawing board with it as it not only doesnt fit the theme of blood moon but its just generally not as high quality as it should be. this is where my main problems starts, they way they handled this? by just not doing anything to help change the skin really, didnt make it fit the theme more, didnt update any of the effects or any small details they just released it as pretty much a big middle finger to everyones feedback and thats the main issue with the skin as a whole, what it stands for is a lack of importance on that overwhelmingly bad reception and feedback gotten. the spikes evelynn has are a main focus of her skins along with her in stealthed form, bloodmoons spikes being hooked and out to the side makes her e look weird and the spikes are so small that they just dont give off the threatening feel they should. her demon form in this skin is some of the biggest wasted potential imo all they really did for it was recolor her a dark red and it just looks worse than any other skins demon form on her by a long-shot and just feels lazy and uninspired. the skins model also doesnt fit the skin line at all even its colors are off from the other bloodmoon skins and shes missing the staple mask entirely, and not to sound like one of *those* people as thats not the reason for this, but she just needs more clothes for this skin line it just doesnt fit in with the other bloodmoon skins and the clothes she does have are too dark for the decently bright reds that all the other bloodmoon skins have and how small and skin tight the clothes are dont fit the baggy or loose nature of the other skins in the line. all around this skin had so much potential to be great but that fact that they didnt listen to the community on it and its limits on being a 975 and not a 1350 quality skin dragged it down farther than her base skin and made it only really worth buying if you want every evelynn skin as i do or every bloodmoon when on eve you could really just get both shadow and tango eve for pretty near the same price of bloodmoon while instead getting 2 higher quality skins than bloodmoon
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