Game is plagued by trolls and smurfs now. So many questions.

In recent games I got matched against Diamond players as Gold I also got: Teemo support Cass adc Nidalee support Lee support Fizz that threw the game every moment he got Soraka that trolled my adc and ran around the map later giving free kills and so on Riot just killed the only videogame they made The population is dropping at tremendous pace There is less room for error and even if there is none, you are still punished for it What other game does that? What other company does that? Why isn't player feedback taken into consideration? Why only the fun things are noticed and removed, while the unfun things are amplified? Why isn't Twisted Treeline better? Why was Nexus Blitz removed? Why am I put on a 10+ game losing streak after 4 game winstreak? Why do I get above mentioned trolls in my promo games? Why do I earn 15 LP per win and lose 21 LP per loss in Gold? Why Europe still has no PBE server so we don't have to play on 200 ping every time we want to test something? Shouldn't the testing environment be more tester friendly? Why does it take so long to progress in honor on earlier levels? Why does the damage meta even exist? It is the sole reason why people are quitting the game. Why are runepages so expensive? Why are champions so expensive? Why every second patch has to include a skin? Why don't we have the option to choose between legacy and new client? Instead we have this "Low spec mode" option that barely helps people with weaker PCs Why is the client worse in full release for 2 years, then when it was in Beta? Why are you doing this Riot?
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