I do not mind losing, what I do mind is when matchmaking has decided the game before it starts...

I am tired of having Iron, Bronze and Silver mixed into the same queue. Riot a Iron1 and a Silver 4 on the same team do not equate to two Bronze player.. All this ends up with is a Iron1 Vlad Mid vs a Silver 4 Irelia ( who does not even main her) rolling over the vlad mid and snowballing the game. Going to try an experiment.. Will not let a queue search for more that 1:10 max before I restart it. I want to see if this gets me better games.. my hunch is the longer the queue searches the broader it looks for players.. RIOT fix your matchmaking.. Listen good, I DO NOT CARE IF I HAVE TO WAIT AN ADDITIONAL MINUTE OR TWO FOR A DECENT MATCH. If that is not loud enough for you... FIX YOUR MATCHMAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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