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Batfolk Mechromancer with a steampunk twist who focuses on a ranged playstyle, using aerial attacks from his arm mounted crossbow to pick off smaller threats. Backstory: Jameson the Batfolk, left his home in the mountain peaks in search of an education. He was very keen on engineering and wanted to pursue that further. After spending 3 years studying under a master engineer in the Dwarven Flatlands, he became a prodigy in his trade. He began a charitable career in creating mechanized limbs for amputees, children born with abnormalities, and wounded soldiers. Of course, though, terrible things happen to the best of people. Late at night while he was in his secluded workshop finishing up a mechanized hand for a gnomish woman, a group of kobold raiders invaded the shop. The began savagely attacking him, mutilating his right arm and left wing in the process, and ran off with his unfinished works. He went to the local surgeon after the attack, and his right arm and wing needed to be amputated. After he recovered, he decided he needed to protect himself. He went to the shop and made a new arm and wing for himself. This time, however, he augmented his creations so he could better defend himself. He attached a hand crossbow that could be hidden inside of the arm, alongside creating a new wing for himself. When adventure called, he knew he could be a powerful asset to his group, and set out for the adventure of a lifetime.
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