Open the Blue Essence Emporium - Permanently

As far as I remember wasn't the point of the blue essence emporium to give players something to spend their blue essence on? Well if that's the case then why is it a bi-annual event? When you own all the champions and you rank up or open a chest and get a champion shard you feel totally unrewarded and shafted by the system. With the roughly 6 month wait time you sit around with nothing to do and if you manage to miss the week that the shop is open then you don't get to spend it for another 6 or so months. Why not just leave it open permanently and have special things that are supposed to be rare pop in every 6 months. Maybe have a quarterly or monthly rotation of stock for exclusive high priced items so that when you do get blue essence while owning everything that you can actually feel like you are being rewarded for ranking up and not like you are collecting another dragon horde of in the moment useless BE.
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