ornn 9.2 W nerf

hi, new player here. but can anyone explain this to me? so from my understanding. pre 9.1 rework. ornn winrates = very very very low. post 9.1 rework. ornn winrates dropped to lowest in game (im sure a bit of that is due to a bunch of people playing him that never played him before. and from what i've read, his pre-9.1 play style was very very very centered around his W shield, which was removed. despite this though, seems ornn was made into something that was absolute trash early game. possibly mildly effective mid game (unlikely though, since his early games so incredibly bad, that he probably died a lot, fed enemy, missed farm, and is way behind, but kinda awesome late game (well, again. probably not. cause games dont go late game, and with snowball meta, by the time he gets HIMSELF to late game lvls/build, enemy is all full built, and hyper fed, negating his awesome sauce ness.) anyway. all that said. why nerf him in 9.2? i would assume either a) dont touch him for a bit, to see if the re-work/nerfs/buffs to him from 9.1 level out and a new meta for him develops. or b) since hes sooooo bad early game now, give him some kind of buff to help his early game. (where i would assume (a) to be the most likely option) but... instead... hes nerfed for 9.2? is it just me, and the fact that im noob so probably dont understand a lot of things i need to yet, or.... what am i missing here? why nerf a champ thats at lowest win rates in game?
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