You ever stop and think about how much info we retain for League?

League has just short of 140 champions. Each champion has 5 skills- 4 abilities and one passive. That's roughly 695 abilities for these champions. (This doesn't count champions like Jayce or Elise who have 6+ abilities) We have roughly 110-ish items in the game, counting consumeables. These items range from basic items {{item:1029}} that serve one purpose to actives {{item:3152}} with unique scaling, effects and more. Runes and masteries are quite numerous, having to set-up and min-max a page or two of 30 slots. Masteries have 45 effects, coupled with certain masteries that are above others (Keystone and major runes). 10 summoner spells. 12-ish if you count ARAM and some RGMs. Map specific stuff complicates this even more. Jungle spawns, unique aspects of maps (Alters on TT vs. Red/Blue buff on SR vs. Ascension Markers/Dominion points), etc. And the weirdest part is that we all subconsciously know this stuff. If I see a Lee sin with Thunderlords, I know he probably took certain runes/masteries. I have a vague idea of what he's doing. I know the ins and outs of his kit and sometimes (while it varies by person) I can even get a good estimation on how much damage he'll do. (Hint: Fuckload). Either way, I just think it's surprising how much League tells us to hold onto info-wise and how we tend to do it subconsciously. ~~And then the preseason comes and destroys everything oops~~
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