Depression in college? (serious)

Long story short, Ive been on antidepressants for awhile. No treatments seem to work at all even after months on end, but lately as a student I've not been getting anything done. I just either binge game or find ways to distract myself from everything I'm supposed to do. Waking up feels god awful, and doing any assignment triggers some alarm in my head telling me "I'm going to fail regardless, college is pointless, youll sit and stare dumbfounded for hours. You are the worst person out of X group." So I just try to distract myself with either exercising or league, but my work has been put off again and again. I've tried quitting league for a while so I could focus on important things, but everything just gets worse, including my productivity as well. Is there anyone that feels similar? Anyone that went through a situation like I am? (not that I'm calling my situation unique in anyway) Or just have an advice or a meme or two to lighten the situation?
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