Owners of the current event-pass in euw might already know it: Riot refuses to do a fair compensation for tokens, that owners of the event-pass couldn't farm while the massive downtime on 19th & 20th December. (Or any other downtime...) That has nothing to do with free-to-play game or any gift. It is a sales agreement. They did not deliver their sold product completely. If one bought the pass, an certain outcome of tokens was expectable. Every token is necessary, if you else don't reach the needed amount to buy the prestige-tokens or skin or other stuff. I had a longer dialogue with Riot-Support, and at the moment, they refuse to do a fair compensation for all those, that lost more then 100 tokens because of RIOTS FAULT. And they use as defense, that it would be unfair to do a fair compensation, because then they also needed to do the compensation for the other victims too. ... WOW! Sure they shall compensate that for every victim! The last answer i got from rito-support so far: > Hello Summoner, > > I am afraid that we do not have a compensation plan for this kind of situation and as such, we cannot offer you those tokens. > > Not only that, but if we were to offer those tokens it wouldn't be fair to the other players who suffered the same issue. > > As for the 100 Tokens you mention, that is an exception that we sometimes offer players after the events end in order to help them get the last items that they wish in case they didn't manage to farm enough tokens. > > Also, since the situation was already explained, further insistence upon this matter may result in this ticket being closed and subsequent queries may be left unanswered. > > I am sorry to have to disappoint you, if there is anything else we can do for you, please do not hesitate to let me know. > > TeliaKalisto > Player Support Specialist This is unbearable and straight betrayal. And then a mic-drop. I am reporting this incident to the responsible consumer protection. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 1: The next answer from support is a childish attempt to make me happy with an unchagend result: > Greetings Summoner! > > AlphaAntidote from the Support team here to heal your pain. > > I'm happy to let you know that all the pass owners that were affected by this issue will actually receive 100 Night and Dawn tokens towards the end of the event(the exact date is not announced yet). > > Given that the first win of the day doesn't exist anymore(we have the weekly rewards instead), the impact of the issue was a bit smaller in terms of missed rewards, so that is why the compensation value is 100 and not any higher. > > We know that going through issues like that outage is a huge pain for everyone, so we did collect a bunch of data to analyze and use to prevent further similar incidents. > > I hope that these good news find you well and that you are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones! > > Have a wonderful 2020 and, if you have any other questions or requests, feel free to contact me again! ♥ > > AlphaAntidote ᗜಠ o ಠ)¤=[]:::::> > Player Support Specialist > "I am your shield!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 2: After stating, that those are not good news, i got this reply: > Hey there, > > Mutzu here from the Player Support team picking up for my colleague. > > I'm sorry that the Devs compensation has disappointed you. Unfortunately as Player Support there is nothing that we can do regarding this. > > Good luck in your future games! > > Mutzu > Player Support Specialist > "I have the best intentions!" - Jinx They have best intentions... in the spirit of Jinx. "Ok."
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