My furry BFF is home, because she's a goddamn wizard.

She gets Netflix and cuddles.
Post with 6 votes and 12 views. Shared by poindextra. She gets Netflix and cuddles.
She's got a renal infection and kidney disease. Her right kidney has atrophied and her left overcompensated, enlarged, and developed stones. It's why she stopped eating. So, her regimen until she's better and managed is gonna look a little like this: I've got to administer subcutaneous fluids every other day, and antibiotics twice daily. I've also got prescription food and an appetite stimulant in case she slows down on the food again. Apparently when the clinic opened this morning she had felt loads better, so the staff were constantly bombarded with her version of 'I'd like to speak to your manager' every time they opened the door. She downed the food they gave her, and was drinking normally. When I brought her home, she beelined straight for a water dish and has been up and down, talking to me and purring and being back to her regular spunky self, despite the arthritic back. I love you, old girl. We'll fix this together.
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