Tryndamere Takes No Effort to Play

It takes less effort than Garen to play Tryndamere, He has LITERALLY no skillshots, his Q is a heal, his W is AOE, his E is mobility and his R is utility. This champion literally doesn't need to follow basic Game Mechanics, Didn't watch the map and got caught out? Pentakill for you! Split pushed too far? R Caught out? R Outplayed? R Fighting in lane? R Take too much damage? Nah heal that up with your 800 health heal that ALSO makes you deal damage depending on how low you are because why not. The combo: Crit them once because your SUPER BALANCED 35% Crit lv 1 is balanced, they turn to run, BOOM 80% Slow, E, Crit again because Crit Chances are bs. Get a kill, splitpush to Inhib Tower before anyone notices, Pentakill because you pressed R and win the game. Downvoters 100% Tryndamere mains that need their store full of Training Wheels.
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