Random Skin Selection in Champ Select

{{sticker:galio-happy}} {{sticker:poppy-wink}} {{sticker:garen-swing}} {{sticker:draven-pose}} I had a thought that some players may share in. There are a lot of champions. Being that I have played this game for approximately 5 years, I have had a lot of time to amass skins. I enjoy the ability to switch to different skins and chromas on a whim and change things up. Inevitably, there are certain champions that I have almost every skin for, but League only allows one skin to be used at a time. Sometimes I have a skin which I consider objectively cooler than others and have a hard time switching things up on those champs making the visuals a little more stale than others I switch between. I wish there was an option in the skin selection of a champion in champ select for a random skin to be chosen (from ones you already posses, and including chromas). Especially for older champions, ones that have a massive amount of skins and/or chromas, sometimes it would be nice to let RNG choose a skin for me. This is not a necessity but it livens things up for players who spend a significant amount of time in the game/money on skins to add a little more randomness to the skins that we use. I add the importance of possibly allowing chromas as potential options either with a chroma counting as a unique selection (Skin 1, Skin 2, Chroma Skin 2, Chroma Skin 2,...) or as another instance of RNG where a skin is selected that the player has possible chromas for. I think its a cool potential inclusion for Riot to spice things up for long time players with minimal effort.
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