[OFF TOPIC] This is what the English alphabet looks like when it's actually in alphabetical order

Have fun: Aich (H) Arr (R) Ay (A) Aye (I) Bee (B) Dee (D) Djee (G) Double-you (W) Ee (E) Eff (F) El (L) Em (M) En (N) Ess (S) Ex (X) Jay (J) Kay (K) Kew (Q) Oh (O) Pee (P) See (C) Tee (T) Vee (V) Wye (Y) You (U) Zee (Z) Edited to include/fix: (G) Djee > Jee (Idk if yours was just a typo. There is no DA before G) (H) Aich > Eich (I) Aye should be Ai (Is a diphthong sound comprised of both A and I) (J) Jay > Jei (has a diphthong after the the strong JA for the second part, it's not Jei-i. JA is taken care of by J alone.) (K) Kay > Kei (Same as J) (O) Oh > Ow (Say it slow a "wa" sound is at the end of O, O already pronounces it's Oh sound.) (Q) Kew > Kyoo (Saying cool vs coo helps in understanding this one) (R) Arr > Aar (The A is held longer I really don't know on this one) (U) You > Yoo (there is no Yoo at the end of You) (W) double you > duh-buhl-yoo (Because parts like Dou is not pronunciation) (X) Ex > eks (Because its not E-eks) (Y) Wye > Wai (Similar reasons to X it's not Wa-Wai-E) THANKS AIQ!
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