Sylas isnt That Bad

So a lot of people are complaining that Sylas is overpowered,busted, broken, stupid, and OP. The usual response to new champions. So we all know sylas's abilities, I don't think any of them are that bad, say except for his W because of its healing. His ultimate is going to be terrible though. Let me explain. So most ultimates for a champion revolve around playing to their kit, Renekton's ultimate gives him full fury and makes him bigger, because his kit revolves around being an early game lane bully, caitlyn ultimate is a long ranged point and click sniper shot, compliments of her kit being used for long range. Syndra's ultimate revolves around her needing to position her balls to achieve maximum damage on the enemy. Most of the other champions ultimates, don't work well with Sylas's kit. He's supposed to get up close and use his ability to maximise passive damage. Sure it would be nice to have an Ezreal ult when an enemy is too far away from you, but thats if there's an Ezreal, sure it would be nice to have a twisted fate ultimate when you're being chased down, but thats if there's a twisted fate.
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