Pyke Lane Nerfs (Coming to 9.13)

I've never made one of these discussions but after I recently saw the nerfs to Pyke on PBE I became deeply upset with the changes and had to make this. Hopefully, I can gain a better understanding of these upcoming nerfs. To start, I have over 500,000 mastery points with Pyke so I know this is going to sound like I'm just whining about the nerfs but please hear me out. Moving his passive to his W is a hard nerf. This is the last ability you max out on Pyke and since it now has his standard healing passive on it, players will be forced to either level up his w or just deal with the 35% healing for majority of early-mid game. This not only hurts lane Pyke but support Pyke as well. Although this change is horrible, it isn't completely bad. However, making Pykes E only deal damage to champions is terrible. Is not destroying his ability to regen health in lane not enough? I understand that pyke is supposed to be a "support" but isn't Tahm Kench supposed to be a "support"? He is dominating top lane and not a single nerf has come his way. Anyway, I would really appreciate someone helping me understand the reasoning behind these harsh nerfs, and hopefully tune them down before they come out on live servers.
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