Idea: a reward system that encourages players to not throw games that will take “too long” to win

We’ve all had games where your behind early but there IS a path to victory, but it will take an extra 20 minutes or more. As a player that mains infinitely scaling champs, I see people throwing at 15 minutes rather than fighting for a win at 45 minutes. Riot doesn’t have significant rewards for winning longer games over a short one. That’s why so many people say “I could win twice before winning this game” Here is my solution. For longer games, give players “Latent League Points” (LLP) for games that exceed 25 minutes, players are granted (hypothetical number) .05 LLP per minute if they win, not losing any LLP on a loss. LLP (in whole numbers only) can be added to your actual LP total. You can collect up to 5-8 LLP. The purpose of LLP is to help you get into promos when you end up in the 90s of LP and your like “AWE COME ON JUST LET ME INTOY PROMOS!” You would “activate” LLP in the ranked section of you Profile in the client. This system would solve 2 problems, it rewards people for playing out longer games. And it also fixes the frustration of being at 99 LP. Again, all numbers are hypothetical. I’m not a game dev, I’m just a player with an idea. EDIT: it should probably be more like "every 5 minutes" or .01 LLP per minute. something along those lines. maybe less
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