Should Riot refund the LP of everyone who can't connect to games bc of client crashes the ast2 days?

It seems like a large portion of the community is losing games and getting restrictions on their account at no fault of their own. I lost 40 LP yesterday and got a leaverbuster restriction because riot's client wouldn't let me connect to 2 games in a row, and I had been playing all day! I played several games in a row before this error started occuring. I had no way to anticipate an error like this would occur, or that I would receive an unjust punishment. I have submitted a support ticket on this already and tbh I am very displeased at this occurrence. I'm finally close to getting to plat for the first time and Im pretty frustrated that over an hour of my time and effort spent in this game has just been erased because of clientside issues. Do you agree that this issue is on Riot's side, and that we should be refunded for this LP?
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