Can't win a 7/1/26 game 'cuz I suck (or Illaoi broken)

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Lv.1 Ghost Poro warded top to prevent gank, leashed raptors for mid Talon, wrecked their botlane, warded and helped with every single objective except first baron (ww sneaked it after we got a triple), had not a single misplay whatsoever, but Illaoi just ends up destroying our whole melee lineup in 3-4 hits total around every major objective contest, through my heal + stun + exhaust + perma slow lock. At 30:30 she literally 1v5'd our whole team after we killed 3 of them and grouped to push mid, only Talon (revived by my ult) and I survived. I think we lost this game just because of this Illaoi. My team's generally doing decent, I'm doing super good, 3/5 of enemies are noobs, Illaoi just landed 3 abilities and yup, free loss for me. It is especially stupid when she didn't even flash to smack our Twitch down with one tentacle. Guess I'll have to improve my own skills then.
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