Yuumi. She's good.

Trust me. This furry "rat" is good. She's somehow harder than most people think. Her positioning is key when you are trying to get your passive proc off. Although you might lose the shield right away, you gain mana allowing you to poke, and help your adc with substain. Her q doesn't need a splash, it would make it so player doesn't have to be as accurate. Her lvls early 1-3, they can and usually are lackluster. I know I've been talking about her downsides, but in the right hands a good yuumi can overcome them. Landing a q? No problem if your good at angling it! Passive procing not going well? Oh a good yuumi can get that off by punishing and not taking a trade head on. It's ridiculous how people are calling her useless. With athenes she is one of the strongest champs i've seen in my opinion(Hitting q and then healing can give a bunch). Also, her gameplay is smooth, don't make her a permaban with a lot of buffs (yeah I want to play the god damn champ). Make a minor one, like with her ultimate, buff the damage! I've lost many games with her, but then I realized what I needed to do (what i'm saying is that she's hard to get use to). Support mains (and other roles) most reasons why yuumi loses lane is because adcs don't know how to position or take a trade with yuumi. Give it a couple of days and people will realize her potential. (Yes i know it sounds like she is bad, but what I am saying is she is harder than it looks, in a way. Like I said a couple of days and people will starting know what to do with the rat)
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