Was perma-suspended over supposed "reversal of payment" for chargebacks, support won't help

r/leagueoflegends - Perma-suspended over a "reversal of payment" that I didn't ask for without proof of the reversal, great player support, riot
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EDIT!!!!!!! appears my reddit thread was removed, don't know how to fix the post to get rid of the big link, but all the info is now detailed below. hi everyone. riot is screwing me over and punishing me for their mistake and they're not doing anything about it to help me. so for context, here's a short run down of what happened. * **january **- parents mistakenly disputed payments i made to riot thinking i was hacked, but really i just made some big RP payments. repaid $70 to riot because the bank couldn't take back what they had done. got my account back, riot was happy, i'm happy, although $70 short. **made the payment january 6, btw.** * **april 30 **- tried to log in to my account to find that my account was "locked for chargebacks" once again. * tried to open the "repay riot" page, and had a balance of $0 owed to riot. suspended for owing money, but no balance owed. * immediately contacted my bank. was told there was no recent purchase dispute or refund. * made a support ticket, spoke to live support, live support responded to my ticket, told me "payment to clear negative balance was reversed, review paypal records, you're permanently suspended" etc posting on forums here for advice or any riot support help etc. basically the tldr is this: - i made payments in january of $70 to riot to clear chargebacks. payment was randomly "reversed" april 30. i didn't ask for a reversal. - because i didn't make the reversal, and riot is claiming the reversal happened, what that means is this: riot is essentially saying THEY lost the money and they're blaming it on me and punishing ME for THEIR mistake. - talked to bank and paypal and they backed me up to say i didn't ask for a refund and the transaction histories say so. riot refusing to hear all reason and won't help me investigate the issue at hand and instead are choosing to punish me. - this is really looking like an issue in riot's record keeping somewhere or something malfunctioned and made it look like there was a reversal of payment when there really wasn't. i just want a deep investigation of this and i don't know who to go to to get this issue to get actual attention and real help. {{sticker:cass-cry}} EDIT, may 2 7:46 pm: [here is a link to my imgur with all of my screenshot evidence](https://imgur.com/a/5Pq5WuE). it appears that my reddit post has been removed. may 4: [i have also created a second imgur album](https://imgur.com/a/uEe0Y4b) and logged in this time to be able to save it and add more to it. mentioned it down below as well, but figured i'd link it up here for the people who won't scroll all the way down and read the rest of the post. FYI: i don't have all the screenshots of the initial ticket anymore since riot support deleted my messages from the ticket, but i have some of them. i will just repost here what i wrote on reddit as well. - made a bunch of posts underneath this reply with MORE proof of my bank/paypal statements to prove i didn't ask for a reversal of payment. ignored for 2 days. - may 2 - ticket was reassigned to someone NEW and they closed it, deleted every message i sent to the ticket. i replied to the ticket again to get it reopened. **SO BASICALLY, i didn't do anything.** - paid the $70 i owed back in january on the 6th. - payment randomly OUT OF THE BLUE OUT OF NOWHERE "gets reversed" april 30, 2019. - talked to my bank and paypal to prove i didn't start another dispute or ask for reversal of payment. - sent all of the screenshots of my bank account balance and paypal balance AND all of the transaction history for both accounts to riot, as well as the conversation with my bank from the first day. - riot ignores all of this and continues to tell me i'm suspended over something that clearly has to be an issue on riot's end. there has to be a mistake in their records because my bank and paypal can attest that i did not ask for any refunds. riot support has been doing nothing but shutting me down and continuing to say the same exact copy and paste message to me. - riot keeps claiming that there was a reversal of payment on my account, but are refusing to show proof of it. - asked them to show me what they are seeing on their end after they continued to not show me proof because i'm not going to simply take their word for it when i know i didn't ask for a refund of any kind. i gave them proof of everything i have to prove my innocence. riot support is just being incredibly unhelpful and i think it's ridiculous that i'm permanently suspended over something i didn't do and i've been giving them PROOF that i didn't do what i'm being accused of. - i have willingly spent money on this game, and in recent months as well. - why would i ask for a reversal of payment and then spend more money. i have thrown so much money at riot in the year and a half i've been playing league. why would i reverse a payment now. any bumps to get this seen would be appreciated because i'm not going to take being permanently suspended over a mistake that is on riot's end that they are refusing to acknowledge or admit. i'm getting punished for something i didn't do instead of them helping me investigate what could've possibly happened. EDIT: riot support gave me their final answer and seems to be finished with their "negotiating: and "investigating" and [this is what they said](https://imgur.com/czVfoCq). they COMPLETELY IGNORED my reasonable request for proof from THEIR END that the payment was reversed but they effectively ignored it. nice going riot. also (may 3): i stupidly didn't sign into my imgur account BEFORE uploading that album, so it's under i guess an anonymous thing, so if i get anymore evidence i'll have to upload it into a new album. i'll remember to sign in this time :') EDIT, may 4: [i have submitted another support ticket ](https://imgur.com/a/uEe0Y4b)and i've asked to speak to a rioter to get some help. i linked this thread to them, i've explained the situation to them, and i'm really not going to take no for an answer. it is not acceptable. i'm not at fault here and i am begging them to help me get this figured out. UPDATE, may 5: the SAME support agent, ThermalLamp, replied to my NEW support ticket, closed it with one reply, in which he gave me the same bullshit copy and paste answer he did the first time. i put the screenshot in the 2nd imgur album btw. this is ridiculous. this is unfair. it's unfair that riot games made a mistake and is refusing to own up to it and take responsibility, and instead they're choosing to punish ME for THEIR mistake. I AM THE VICTIM HERE.
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