Terrible Blue Essence Gains

Hey everyone I know I'm not alone in thinking that the current rate of attainment in League is horribly off balance. Absolutely dismal BE gains 50 per day for your first win...like what. That may be passable for the 450 champs we all already own but even looking at the next tier at 1350. You'd need to play every day for this challenge in a month just to get one 1350 champ....that's ridiculous. Now I know the next counterpoint but you get capsules on level up. Cool these capsules are largely terrible from my own experience very seldom do they give you a champ you don't own and even less so one worth anything. Idk how many Poppy's or Ryze's I've gotten worth a whopping 90 BE for days of play to level up. Again terrible. Now your next point the chests/keys we get cool. During this last event I spent the event currency on keys to open up my 11 boxes. You know what I got out of that. Two skins that were of any quality and one okay champ shard. The rest you may wonder all stupid ward skins I couldn't care less about. There are over a 100 champs in this game and by their own words Riot plans to focus on champ releases, with this current system you can't unlock anything you earn dirt. Grinding Exp has a place in an RPG or an MMO not a Moba. Look at every other competitor and they at least give out some of their currency on a per game basis. So I propose a weekly set of challenges that we can do that can cycle with a new odd one there from time to time. So we could actually earn something based on our own merits. Hopefully ones that actually register given how that's been an issue with the VOD viewing. Would love to hear some suggestions or thoughts but I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels miffed by how slow progression is.
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