Challenger support Teemo meta

Haha there is no challenger support teemo, but I have a question. Why doesnt teemo see more support play? Reasons why I think Teemo could be a good pick thats under the radar: * Teemo's q ability blinds adc from auto attacking. * Teemo can become a living ward haha * Teemo is a ranged champion and might be able to wittle down opponents with poison * Shrooms are a great deterrent against ganks, at the very least youll be notified before a gank reaches you if u position them correct * Teemo is decently mobile now that I finished this list I realize Teemo is lack luster compared to other supports, and no matter if riot's first intention for teemo was a support champ, others do it better. Hes such a cute meme tho I love him xD <3
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