Matchmaking Complaint #D37A9 - Huge Rank Disparities

Just like everyone else I'm getting one-sided games where the disparities between ranks is just incredible. Why are we constantly getting people matched 3+ divisions above or below their rank? It would make sense for a Bronze 1 and a Gold 4 to be in the same game every once in a blue moon due to having similar MMRs, but it is happening constantly this season. Has the playerbase drastically declined as of late yet Riot doesn't want to have queue times above 3 minutes, or what in the frizzlefrazzlefritzenbobble is going on? I mean, yeah, getting a game in less than a minute is cool and all, it just feels as though you really can only be a warm body for 7/8 games. Nothing you do makes a difference. Maybe 1 in 8 games playing poorly or well will actually change the outcome of the game. [link to a few back-to-back examples](
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