List of things riot needs to do to improve league drastically (regarding loot + more)

So, here it goes: -deny 450 and 1350 champions from regular champion capsules, limit them to basic ones -let players start with 8 available chests and 2 more chests each week, waiting a whole week to earn a chest only to get a champion shard is incredibly painful -instead of fragments, give people a whole key once you believe they earned it, this way people can get 2 keys per 2 chests each week -remove champion shards from hextech chests, this is something that's been bugging everyone -give people a free epic skin of their choice upon reaching honor level 4, and a legendary one upon reaching honor level 5. I mean, come on, we all know a positive experience is important to you guys, give people a proper reward for being a nice person in a toxic community -give people 3 guaranteed 6300 or 4800 champion shards from glorious capsules, they should more rewarding that regular champion capsules -when doing a champion sale, do it for blue essence and not rp, it will help a lot of players reduce the already huge grind for champions.It doesn't have to be 50% like the skin sale, but 30% instead -if we can buy champions manually with blue essence, why not buy skins ourselves with orange essence? You can make it so that, to buy a skin using orange essence, you need to pay 3-4 times as much value as the skin's price (so a 1350 skin will require 4050 orange essence to buy in the shop) -make it so that 520 and 390 rp skins can't appear in masterwork chests What does everyone think? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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