FANTASY characters' appearances and making sense are not a linear relationship.

^ We can keep beating this dead horse all day long and we probably still wont get it, but let me do so anyways. Tryndamere and Kayne as warriors and FANTASY characters don't wear full armor. I know it's not realistic, but neither is undying rage, going through walls and into people. Janna isn't wearing anything that could be considered armor and she is revealing along with some other male/female FANTASY characters... let's be honest here, gods and goddesses and every fantasy character in the world could care less about what mortals think. Any fantasy character that is "sexualized" doesn't suffer the real world rammifications that come with it. Janner will nado your ass off the face of the planet if she existed in the real world the moment you critisize her appearance. I'm all for bashing characters' for the sake of gameplay balance, but can we stop bashing another person(s) creation for their artwork? FANTASY characters do not follow the laws of making sense and sexualization that the real world does. No one is doing the real world any better by critisizing the realm of fantasy. Repeat after me, FANTASY characters and logic do not have a linear relationship. Stop bashing on other people(s) creations. Build yourself up rather than tear others down.
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