You can tell riot is working their ass off to punish intentional feeders

when im even getting inted in arams. when someone can constantly spawn and just run into the enemy team over and over having double everyones death with a score of 6-23 doing absolutely nothign but trying to 1v5 will not be picked up by the system. despite trying to have "fun" like riot told me to, this guy gets to just invalidate that. heres to the next 5 years with a "working on it" response by riot games for the punishment system. gotta make sure flamers are banned before people actually ruining the game! "We want to make the game fun for our players" - riot games 3 years after promising a better punishment system against trolls. i would rather have 4 people wish death upon me and instantly get to stop it with the click of a "mute" button that riot games gave me OVER 1 PERSON purposely suiciding and getting caught while trying to make us lose the game.
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