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I want to preface this by saying; I am not part of the LGBT community. I have no real affiliation outside of... being friends with a few former members of the community as well as some current ones. Everything I type out here is meant solely to be a point of view as someone who enjoys story writing and character writing/design. Okay... here we go: I think a big issue with "LGBT Representation characters" {{champion:518}} {{champion:110}} is that... well... It's so poorly handled. Rather than the character be completely normal and just so happens to be gay... they're outright designed as "OMFG THEYRE GAY LOOK AT THAT!" I constantly read about "better LGBT representation needed" on reddit and these forums. But let's put aside the fact that... 1. Like it or not... theyre in the minority and EVEN SMALLER in the gaming community. 2. There are gay characters in gaming now as well as other forms of media (it's just that to be honest you all completely disregard them after the initial reveal) Using the prementioned {{champion:518}} {{champion:110}}... outside of them being LGBT characters... what are their personalities? Neeko is quirky and thats about it. Oh and the whole Nidalee thing which is... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Varus isn't even actually the gay dudes but a confirmed Darkin. (Vaarus* lel) Using the other champions released: 1. Qiyana; Wants to be an empress. Is so strong in her combat abilities that shes beaten all of her sisters. Her arrogance is somewhat earned. She's royalty. 2. Sylas; Legit opressed for being a mage. Befriends Lux as a character and sort of teaches her to not be ashamed of her abilities. Wants to overthrow the Demacian way of ruling. Also has no interest in Noxus. 3. Yuumi; Bad example. Just not a very good released character. 4. (cheating with this one but) Mordekaiser; LITERALLY DENIED RULE BY BEING LIED TO BY {{champion:7}}. Created his own alternate kingdom where he captures souls now. Fueled by rage and hatred Like... 3 of those characters have more character and importance than Neeko or Varus... And their sexuality isn't even in question! Neeko being lesbian wasn't the issue people had. Hell no one really gave a fuck about Varus being gay. The issue people had was that Neeko was just a hamfisted attempt to pander to LGBT groups like HEY GUYS HERES YOUR GAY CHARACTER HAHAHAAHA SEE YA! and instead of saying... "hey we want quality characters instead of whatever this is." They just went "YAAAAAAAAAAS" and months later Neeko being a lesbian doesn't even matter or frankly... practically doesn't exist. Other champions are given massive lore and background with connections to multiple champions, their own ongoing stories, and huge effect on the existing regions. Why can't these LGBT characters? If it's not clear it's really because they aren't characters. They're just quick pandering points that Riot likes to earn. I think it's time not to demand MORE LGBT characters... But BETTER written and designed ones. Hell even Apex Legends has one gay character who let's be frank no one thought was going to be the gay one (come on you all that it was Bang be honest.) And the only reason WE KNOW HES GAY IS BECAUSE OF ONE LINE USED IN HIS BACKGROUND. Outside of that he has a pretty interesting character with goals and a drive. We need more LGBT representation like THAT. Not just... OOOP heres a gayyyy character whos gaaaaaaaay everyone looook we have a hoooomoooo now!!!! And before anyone says; "its a moba who cares about lore." Uhh everyone honestly. At one point everyone has looked at the lore of their main and gotten invested somehow even for a moment. Anyway, Demand for better quality champions to represent your community. Oh and p.s. Stop trying to make certain champs gay because fanfiction ({{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} ). Fucking stop with that it's cringe. Edit: So what you guys are saying is... you DONT want better representation of your gay characters????? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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