when are we gonna get a noxian support ?

i've always wanted a non traditional support both gameplay wise and aesthetic and lore wise , the support i have in mind is like this : ( please note that this is just an unpolished idea and can be changed in any aspect ) a noxian noble man who sees war as a game and he always likes to intervene and mess things up for his own amusement . as for his gameplay well . i dont really have a solid idea about how he works but one of the things i thought of : * lowering moral : ("x"% damage dealt reduction debuff ) in an aura this can be also an armor reduction instead of damage reduction debuff * informant : marks and grants vision of an enemy champion for 1 second every 30 seconds the mark stays until the ability is recast on another champion - cost is 50 gold ( yes you literally pay gold to cast the ability ) those all i can think of right now , and one again those are just examples i came up with and be scraped/altered . so tell me what you think ^_^
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