I'm starting to see why people dont want to Jungle

So im trying to learn how to jungle. Attempting to main Ivern (he is my favorite JG Champ). Got flamed a bit by my team and we lost. I told them in champ select that i am very new to JG and apologized for sucking. I try to gank as best i can but the enemy team is very aggressive. I cant really do much at that point, but i still try. One team member said i didnt gank when earlier i helped him kill his laner. I told them that when i would try and gank they would either be dead, or too pushed up. They still proceed to blame me. After that i am starting to see why people dont want to jungle more and more. It seems as if the team does bad, you try to help but cant, and they just flame and blame you. After that i dont even know if i want to continue jg if thats going to happen every game
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