After 2 years of posting I don't give a fak, I must now for how bad this Tyler1 situation has gotten

I'm not joking around this time and posting another 'not a single fuck was given that day gif' When that fan-base has basically become a cult for negativity of sorts and demanding their 'leader' back When a Rioter snaps, engulfs himself writing negative thoughts about Tyler1 on a discord then getting fired for it and when another Rioter's account is hacked to post false information about Tyler1 being un-banned to stir up a crude chaos The situation about this whole thing has become **_that_** bad and honestly? It's pretty freaking scary when you think about it looking at all these things and what's worse? [It's been two years since Tyler1's indefinite ban]( and Riot has shown _no sign whatsoever_ of making a firm clear stance on this situation since then, which has allowed this situation to become the slowly increasing monstrous force it has today and **will continue to escalate even more** ##Which this all could easily be stopped any time and nipped in the bud if Riot would make that firm clear stance I won't sugar coat things, I really don't mind Tyler1 Not hate, nor like, just don't mind him and if he wants to do his own thing so be it so long as what he does doesn't mean me any further harm What I don't like and have a problem with is the toxicity/negativity he has become to represent and the cult-like force behind it That's where I feel the true harm is It's why I've been 'memeing' about how little I care over these two years at people who posted threads about him, wanting him back or about him in general, with 'not a single fuck was given that day' images and gifs It's also why I don't want Tyler1 un-banned and allowed to League again because it will ultimately just give any person who's toxicity/negativity got them banned, permanently or not, vindication of sorts wanting to be un-banned themselves and to possibly just make even more people suffer While at the same time those who suffered from their crude actions meant **nothing** in the end and possibly even become toxic/negative due to the misfortunes they had to face but at this point? ##I don't care what choice Riot makes anymore #I just want them to make a clear stance and be firm about it to stop this situation becoming worse So Riot, all I can do is write this thread hoping this reaches you and ask you - **Please make a choice already** **because this has gone on for far too long now** **and enough is enough**
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