So riot removed my post saying I was going to quit until they fire Daniel Z. Klein

Because: "Hey Necro Warrior87, While we are allowing civil discussion regarding the recent incidents surrounding PAX and Riot, calling for the firing of a Rioter for his actions is considered witch-hunting and a violation of the Board Universal Rules. THE GOLDEN RULE Always be respectful to players, community members, moderators, and Rioters. Due to this, we will be removing your thread I'm quitting league until Daniel Z. Klein is fired.. You are welcome to discuss the issue, if you agree/disagree with it, or unprofessional behavior, but you may not witch-hunt a Rioter or another player. While we aren't taking any actions against your account at this time, please keep in mind that continued violation of the Boards Universal Rules and sub-board guidelines may result in future punishments." I removed to Rioters name so they won't get harassed, he's probably trying to do his job and not get fired. Bt didn't Mr. Klein violate THE GOLDEN RULE? Be RESPECTFUL TO PLAYERS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS??? Honestly Riot, I was being respectful towards Mr. Klein in my previous post. I was just saying he was being unforgivably rude and I was going to quit until Riot decides to fire him OR he leaves the company, Or you know, if he grows up and decides to make a public apology.
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