Pyke's Appearance and Animations

Why Does Pyke Look Different?
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Link to Necrit's Video. He also makes him good points about what you can do to fix him and why he shouldn't remain as he is now. Dear Riot, I had never been more hyped for a champion after I saw the teaser, it was Beautiful. I thought we would finally get a True hardcore champion. A brutal, Hardcore, Deranged Murderer, the complete opposite of Zoe, Far more psychotic than even JHIN(one of my other mains in league). But instead, we got Ekko's bandit uncle from Bilgewater who is the same size as a yordle. Animations are like he's a thief creeping around afraid to be seen, trying to pickpocket unwary travelers. His standing animation makes him look almost like a child with a knife, extremely similar to Ekko. The design is good, i like the abilities they seem pretty good for a Different Champion. These abilities do not fit his theme in the slightest bit. I dont see any "make an enemy drown himself.. by their own hand" His R makes no sense, neither does his E or W in terms of the fantasy promised to us of him being in crazy murderer. There is nothing that emphasizes a "List". Only a vague sense that Everyone is on his list and his Ult is him scratching names off of it. My Suggestions, I would be happy if I could get some feedback in the comments by other people but I have asked every person on my friend list and many twitch streamers as well, They all agreed Pyke is a completely random champion with no theme or fantasy and completely different from the teaser. 1: This is the most important, if this can happen It would be the Best thing you could do for this champion to make him the greatest champion in League for people who want a dark badass. Take him off the pbe, take him back to the design phase and change his walking and standing animations. He should stand Straight, walk straight and stand tall as he walks, menacingly staring his enemies down his Circular Black Eyes glowing blue with spectral energy. His laugh should be creepier, Overwhelmingly Creepy, right now his laugh is of a typical villain in a children's movie. Even his taunt animation is pathetic because he looks so puny and not scary at all. His abilities are fine, just change the animations a bit just please riot, make him creepier, not the cartoon he is right now. 2: If you cant take him back, if you think he's good** (Which he is Not, you can ask ANyone if they want him to be creepier or stay the cartoon mess he is now, they will all say make him creepier to fulfill the Fantasy)** ReTexture him, add some more creepy glow to him, make his mask more creepy, maybe make it so he has No Face under the mask, instead of him pulling the mask off his face with his laugh emote and completely ruining his fantasy even more. 3: Make his model bigger, so that he looks like less of a small thief and is more menacing. Thats all that i can really say for now, I really hope someone from Riot sees this and can take it into consideration and do Something to make this champion fulfil the true fantasy, that's what you guys wanted to do with the remakes and stuff, champs dont fulfill the fantasy. Pyke is still fresh, you can Fix him riot. Please. **IF you have found this post please leave some feedback on what you guys think. Thanks for reading!**
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