Katarina getting another Halloween skin

lol, she doesn't even fit with the theme, what the hell. Two Shadow Isles demon skins and an edgy anime girl? I can't even take this game seriously anymore. - You've buffed ADCarries to a point where if I don't _rush_ Ardent Censer _before Sightstone_, I get flamed or they AFK. - You've left champions (ADCarries in particular) in a state where they're better assassins than assassins are (_*AHEM TWITCH*_) - If you like playing solo/don't have people to play with then you're shit outta luck, 'cause the recent missions are only for friends! - If you're praying for a skin for that favourite champion of yours, then you're shit outta luck! More Ahri skins! More Ezreal skins! _Skins are for popular champions only!_ Maybe next season Rito. Maybe next season.
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