Following up about tipping your delivery driver/waiter.

It appears that a huge percentage of people actually believe that "it's not their job to make sure that I get paid", or whatever had you. So I just wanted to clear some things up here. **"It's considered an insult to tip in EU".** Ok, but I don't live In EU, I live in Lousiana, AKA the south where tipping is actually more custom than up north. It's considered a massive insult down here to not tip, because here, it means that you did a shitty job. **"Your company should be making up for your tips".** Well, they're not and there's absolutely nothing that anyone can do about that. You saying an opinion isn't going to change the outcome of the situation, drivers and waitors are still going to make $2.13-4.25 an hour, so don't discourage a tip because of your belief that capitalism is shitty. That's hurting your driver/waiter for no reason, we've done nothing wrong. **"It's not my job to tip you".** Yes, believe me I understand this, and I don't mind not getting tipped. Here's what you need to keep in mind though. People who deliver to your house pay out of pocket for gas and typically make less money hourly than they do in the store. They also have to repair their cars more often, I on average spend 10-15 dollars in gas a day driving an 03 Taurus that gets 30 MPG. What I'm saying is that it's a common courtesy thing, it's literally saying "Hey thanks for spending your gas, getting paid less hourly and ruining your car to drive 6-8 miles to my house and back". **"If you don't like it, get another job".** You wouldn't believe me if I told you some nights I'll make $13-15 an hour. Of course these are on specific days like Friday night or something, but it still happens. At my age, which is 18 years old and in highschool, that's a lot of fucking money for me, and I get it on the day that I make it. _It's when people don't purposely tip because they think "the system is shitty", so they fuck over someone they've never met for absolutely no reason._
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