Chat banned for? ?? ???

I got chat banned on my for fun account. Can somebody tell me exactly why I got banned? XD? Riot is becoming a bigger joke every week. Kid locks in Leblanc support and hard trolls and flames me. I get banned? For this? Hhahahhahaha Pre-Game MichellnCs: ap shaco in 2019 LUL MichellnCs: leblanc MichellnCs: support MichellnCs: XD In-Game MichellnCs: DANCE MichellnCs: i wonder why MichellnCs: cuz its not a support champ that can sustain MichellnCs: leblanc support MichellnCs: playing like soraka MichellnCs: wat MichellnCs: i do it MichellnCs: all the time MichellnCs: ur just a minion MichellnCs: cuz ur MichellnCs: leblanc MichellnCs: support MichellnCs: yp MichellnCs: just open it MichellnCs: i MichellnCs: canno MichellnCs: play MichellnCs: with MichellnCs: this kid MichellnCs: he came in to troll MichellnCs: what do u expect MichellnCs: watch the replay on first 8 min at bot lane MichellnCs: probably autofilled mid laner
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