They finally speak out and its just more of the same.

First off, I will point out that I removed the name of the Rioter even though most of you already know how it is (the thread is still up and its fairly fresh), I just did it so Riot doesn't use it as an excuse to remove this Thread for witch-hunting. And second, I am not 100% sure that Riot will **NEVER** admit to their mistakes, they never admitted their balance c*ckups why would they now with this blunder. And we get this gem of a statement on one of the first if the the very first Rioter thread after _The Accident_ (yes, I will refer to it as _The Accident_ from now on, like a natural/humanitarian disaster). These people are so painfully obilvious to their sentiments in their own community. Fellow manbabies, it is our duty to show riot that the outcome of this was not, is not and will not be a positive one, not unless things change **for the better**! Not unless we get an apology and a followup on what a specific Rioter was (and still is) tweeting.
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