Can we please remove mastery from the loading screen?

Initially, when the new loading screen was released, I didn't think too much of mastery being shown, but it quickly became a problem for me. I have a, to say the least... a lot of mastery on Veigar. I have never once claimed to be super Godlike at the game, or even good. I'm hardstuck Diamond 3 for a reason, I just really like playing Veigar. I mostly play normal games with friends now because I find it more fun than grinding ranked. Almost every game I get hard flamed for my mastery, and camped because everyone can see it. Last game I got inted and flamed for it, as well as oddly enough, my Twitter being linked so people could spam my DMs (the Twitter is mostly for my art, and not really about League) I can take off my ranked border and use the level border instead, and now my team can't see my rank... so why can they see my mastery? If you're going to show everyone's mastery, you might as well show ranks for everyone as well. Why don't we have an option to disable showing our mastery on the loading screen? Ever since the new load screen and people seeing my mastery, flaming me, camping me, and inting me... I've found myself having less, and less fun with the game, yet I still play it because I do love the game deeply and want to see it get better. I find myself wanting a 5 man to play with now just to lessen the chance of being flamed.... so please Riot, can you please remove mastery from the loading screen, or give us an option to not show our mastery on it?
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