Is Liss getting her new passive or not?

"Meddler hit up R/LissandraMains to look for feedback on her passive: "Hey folks, Wanted to check something with you folks. If you had the option between: A) Lissandra gets the new statute passive, her old passive is removed and her mana costs are lowered or B) Lissandra gets the new passive, keeps her old passive as well, mana costs stay the same Which would you prefer? Assume that power is equivalent for the two cases. I'm asking since something I've been noticing is that laning can feel a little shallower at times without the current free cast to optimize around. Not sure how much that's just reflective of my personal play experience versus being something other players would also want to continue to play around still. New passive would be there regardless to address satisfaction and distinction, so it's basically a question of whether the free cast is a fun tiny skill check or just a chore." " I've been waiting this entire time to finally see some new shit on Liss and she might not even get it.. thanks for the hype fam.

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