how do you know when your losing streak ends and its ok to go back to ranked?

im trying to learn the win streak loss streak pattern thats complete bullshit btw and with ranked being separate from norms im not sure if the win/loss streaks are together or seperate, because now. ive played 3 normal games and won them so i go "hmm maybe my loss streak is over, then i go to ranked and NOPE i get afks and 1/17/7 64 cs adcs. how do i know for sure when my ranked loss streak will end without risking getting an extra free loss. ALSO while we are at it. for ranked games, what the hell am i supposed to do when its early game before 10 minutes and atleast 2 players are hard feeding, and before you say "get fed off your laner and roam" what if my enemy laner is playing extra safe? or what if theyre playing a champion good at pushing waves or what if im being camped and locked under my tower by their jglr? then what? by default i wont even be strong enough to help my team at that point. auto loss?
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