Chat restricted 27 games for this...

Speaking truth, Playing poorly and being called retarded and being told to kill yourself now valid reasons for bans Game 1 DongJing0215: ok. DongJing0215: You can heal? DongJing0215: You spam pinged me when I was top side, You expect me to teleport? DongJing0215: Must be nice to have a bot lane DongJing0215: 1/3/1 DongJing0215: gg DongJing0215: Reported for toxic behavior DongJing0215: exactly DongJing0215: Raka told me to kill my self, So I did that DongJing0215: Thank god DongJing0215: my fault bot fed DongJing0215: Look at this bot lane just talk so much crap DongJing0215: Why even bother to try? DongJing0215: You are ruining it by being toxic DongJing0215: I don't care about the match and will just keep farming if bot lane keeps talking DongJing0215: So vlad if you want to win get bot lane to stop being so toxic DongJing0215: Yes, But not signed up for toxic people to ruin the game DongJing0215: I didn't talk trash DongJing0215: After raka went all chat and said wish we had a jungle lol DongJing0215: TRistana, scroll up you'll see it DongJing0215: I said that afterwards. DongJing0215: exactly neither do I DongJing0215: ggwp DongJing0215: report this raka please, Toxic for the first 15 minutes DongJing0215: I'm initng with half their deaths DongJing0215: ggwp it was fun Game 2 DongJing0215: So I get W first with yi right? DongJing0215: Build straight tank also? DongJing0215: gj DongJing0215: gj bot DongJing0215: kled is hard to fight DongJing0215: I cant fight him DongJing0215: he is to fed.... DongJing0215: Chill on fighting that kled, I can't kill him DongJing0215: sigh DongJing0215: dude DongJing0215: For real he is inting bad DongJing0215: lvl 7 fighitng a lvl 12 DongJing0215: Promos always someone feeds DongJing0215: Dude what are you doing top DongJing0215: for real.. DongJing0215: lets ff DongJing0215: lvl 13 kled lmao DongJing0215: why first time in ranked? DongJing0215: And it doesnt matter if first time or not? you should know how to not int DongJing0215: like u have to try to die that many times DongJing0215: It's not my first time yi DongJing0215: uhm joking like I assumed you were DongJing0215: I know, he just fought over and over DongJing0215: even when down 4 levels he fought DongJing0215: Like if you just knew how to farm safely DongJing0215: but its not safe farming, u cost a lot for that DongJing0215: and flash for the kill steal lmao DongJing0215: ff DongJing0215: report top
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