Skyrim: level should not max at 100 if the main quest only takes you to level 35.

*251 I didn't really have anywhere else to post this, but it's loosely related to League's new player leveling system as well. I love the game, don't get me wrong. But the leveling is terrible. So, Pokemon got it right years before Skyrim. You can get to the end of the game unprepared, and get the everliving shit kicked out of your whole team by level 60's. Why, then, with such an incredibly successful game series to at least take that basic concept from, would a company create one where your maximum level is ~~100~~ 251 but you can beat the game quite easily at ~~1/3rd~~ 1/7th the max? And with no reward at all for leveling more. Then they go and design the DLC, not as a continuation wherein you increase your level further for more rewards, but as something you should be able to finish at or below level 40. It just makes it feel like there wasn't much thought put into making the leveling match up with the pace of the game. You beat the World Eater, and then there's nothing at all stronger unless you get the DLC, which doesn't really have stronger enemies in the story, but instead has stronger dragons (which makes no sense at all). Then, as kind of a fuck-you to the players, there's nothing at all different while you grind from 40 to 81, when suddenly some dude in weaker armor than yours, who could've breathed on Alduin to kill him shows up and kicks you off a mountain thirty times. There needs to be some kind of balance between your character progression and the main quest of a game, even a game with sidequests. I think every rpg should be like Pokemon (the ones without the whole-team EXP share), at least in the sense that the final boss(es) WILL kick the shit out of you the first time you meet them, unless you're the kind of loser to look up guides on a first playthrough. In that sense, I wonder why League removed the level 30 cap. There's no point whatsoever to make it continue past the point where you [had] every Mastery and became eligible to play Ranked. They could have just as easily simply rewarded you based on games played or the already-existing Mastery score (which you can get pretty high simply by playing one game with each champion). Edit: Someone corrected me that the max is 251. To me, that only makes it worse that the highest level where a new challenge will appear is 81 (with the DLC).
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