Done with League until ARAM Bans return. Enjoy the $2000 you made off me over the years. :)

Having spent over $2000 on this game in the past, I've come to the decision that I'm done with it for now. I've played ARAM-only for years now because Rift just isn't fun to me and the toxic nature of 99% of the players in the game makes it an extremely painful experience to play with them for 45 minutes. ARAM brought a new fun to the game with its random comps, and Bans were a MASSIVE quality of life improvement for me. Being able to ban the champs that shouldn't even be in ARAM or being able to ban the last character who pounded my butt was a great improvement to the mode. Now that it's gone, it's nothing but comp win, comp win, comp win, comp win again. I was under the impression the ban system was becoming part of ARAM and I was overjoyed. But now that it's gone, I find I can't enjoy the mode anymore. So, try ot let some news sites know if you ever add it in permanently, so I get wind of it some how and come back. For now, I think I've had enough of this game. It had some good times with me and I'll miss it, but I just can't enjoy it anymore when half the matches (for me) are determined by RNG and there's no way to affect that decision anymore. I guess you should have never put them in the first place, because I wouldn't have known what I was missing. Anyway, thanks for the fun, League :)
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